חלק מחברות הסטארט אפ שבחרו בנו



Nitzan Bertele

CEO & Co-Founder – Trendy Pal

As a new startup with little bandwidth and knowledge about Administration etc, having ‘Total Admin’ onboard has been extremely beneficial and reduced the stress and worry over this aspect of the business. The personal service and speedy responses to our queries made us feel that we were valued customers even at our start-up level. As we grew it was comforting to know that this side of the business is in good hands and being expertly managed. Highly recommended!!! Not only will they bring the kind of skills and experiences you need, but they will also quickly become an asset and help you grow in any way they can. good luck!

Yogev Debbi

Gm, israel R&D center – twist

I used Total Admin services to run the back office operations of my company and was very satisfied. Shirley has a lot of knowledge and network that can escort you from very early stages to a more matured company stage. The representatives are dedicated, well trained and motivated. Bottom line, job gets done and you get peace of mind.

Amit On

Founder & CEO – CallApp

We’ve started working with TOTAL ADMIN administration services in 2014 when we were a small Startup dealing with a lot of issues, and I had to take care of all the administrative tasks with a tiny infrastructure of operation. TODAY, after 4 years of service and since TOTAL ADMIN came into CallApp’s life, I can say that I trust TOTAL ADMIN’s professional and organised staff that’s always committed to providing a solution for each administrative issue such as salary process, invoices & bank payments, wellness and many more. Working with TOTAL ADMIN allows me & my team to focus on the Business & Product. I highly recommend TOTAL ADMIN.

Keinan Top

CEO – Polygon Media

We are working with Shirley and the team at TOTAL ADMIN for over a year now. From the beginning, we found them to be highly professional, organised and committed to providing a solution for every administrative issue. We are using TOTAL ADMIN services for different tasks that are mandatory in order for our company to operate. One of the things that impressed us the most was their willingness to help with chores outside their main service. In the practical world of Tech and Startups, it is unusual to find a group of professionals that approach every task with a smile like Shirley and the team do. TOTAL ADMIN services are highly recommended for startup companies in any stage.

Aviv Revach

co-founder & ceo – Commerce sciences

Total Admin & Shirley helped us with business administration from the very early days of Commerce Sciences. As founders it enabled us to focus on strategy and growth knowing that we partnered with a highly seasoned team which provided a genuine, caring and warm-hearted service to our employees.

Anat Sever

Co-Founder & COO – Engageya

When we initially founded the company I believed I needed to take care of everything myself. As the company grew I realized I was spending precious time dealing with admin issues instead of generating business & R&D value to the company. Colleagues recommended outsourcing the administrative tasks. TOTAL ADMIN provides a one stop shop for all the administrative needs we had, and the greatest advantage is that they provide the service on-site. I have a dedicated administrative manager from their team come to our office 1-2 times a week, according to our needs. TOTAL ADMIN’s methodologies created an instant change in the way the company operates, and I received great value for money for their services.

Itai Hayut

Co-founder & CEO – Scopio Labs

We are working with Total Admin for over a year. Since the first day with them, the service was (and still is) professional and productive. It allows our team to focus on the product and on the technology development. We know we can count on Total Admin regarding all the logistical and administrative tasks. I highly recommend the service to other startup companies.

Uri Haramati

Founder & CEO – MEERKAT

TOTAL ADMIN’s services were a great solution for us during a time of rapid growth. They created standards for handling the company’s and employees’ insurance policies, and improved our terms significantly. TOTAL ADMIN created foolproof on/off boarding policies, which ensure no detail is overlooked. They handled all purchasing processes saving me precious time, and saving the company money, thanks to exclusive deals they created with the vendors we work with. TOTAL ADMIN organized a two night company retreat for all company employees in a beautiful resort including booking the hotel, booking incoming flights for our employees coming in from overseas, organizing working sessions, meals, tours, and the highlight of the trip – a hot air balloon ride. Shirley Katz and her TOTALLY ADMIN team bring extensive know-how and experience to business administration, especially for startup companies, and I highly recommend their service.

Amir Milo

Co-founder & CEO – EQUIVIO

We have used TOTAL ADMIN services for 4 years. They have helped us to grow our business from 8 to 25 people taking care of many of the administrative tasks. Their team was always attentive, knowledgeable and dedicated. I found it to be a very good value service for a small company.

Omer Perchik

Co-founder & CEO – Any.do

We started working with Shirley from the very early days of Any.DO. As a small startup we’ve been fortunate to hire such a great & skilled office manager that took care of so many operational responsibilities (so the team can stay focused on growing the company). I highly recommend to each and every startup to hire Shirley & Total Admin.

Liat Ramati-Navon, Ph.D

HR manager – arrow electronics

As HR manager I hired Total Admin company outsourcing administration services. Shirly, who own & manage the company has a high level of customer-orientation, professionalism, creativity & on time delivery approach. Shirly hires high level & very experienced manpower which provide a prompt delivery to the customer. As a copany, we achieved a enormous improvement in our administration management. I enjoyed working with her, I always had the feeling that she is attentive & commited to me as a customer. I recommend to buy her services because of the quality & because of the great partnership it creats.

רון רייטר

CO-FOUNDER – Crosswise

נושא התפעול בסטארט אפ מורכב מאוד, הכל צריך לקרות כאן ועכשיו ואם אין גוף שמכיר את הניואנסים הקטנים של ההתנהלות, התפעול עלול להיפגע ולעצור את הסטארט-אפ כולו מלצעוד קדימה. לא די ברעיון מבריק על מנת להצמיח חברה מצליחה.

אורית חשאי

CO-FOUNDER & CEO – Brayola

Brayola התחילה לעבוד עם TOTAL ADMIN בדיוק בשלב בו נכנסנו ל Due Diligence עם משקיעים. TOTAL ADMIN הצילו אותי! הם עשו סדר רטרואקטיבי בחוזי ההעסקה של העובדים ובתנאים הסוציאליים המשולמים להם, בכל פוליסות הביטוח של החברה, עבדו עם ספקים כדי להשלים חשבוניות חסרות משנים קודמות, ועוד ועוד. משקיעים רוצים לראות חברה שעובדת מסודת עם ספרים מסודרים. לו הייתי צריכה לעשות את הסדר הזה בעצמי לא הייתי יכולה לעבוד על שום דבר שקשור בקידום החברה. השירות של TOTAL ADMIN מקצועי ויעיל, והסדר והשיטה שהם הטמיעו אצלינו, מתאים באופן מדוייק לצורה בה סטארטאפ צומח צריך לעבוד.

גלעד אלמוג

CO-FOUNDER & CEO – Big Blue Parrot

השירות של TOTAL ADMIN משתלב בדיוק בנקודה שבה מבינים שלא ניתן לטפל בנושאי אדמיניסטרציה וביורוקרטיה לבד ויש לפנות לעזרה חיצונית, אשר תלווה את היזם לאורך כל הדרך.